Prep work frenzy

Saving money and cooking great meals for your family is not mission impossible. It is only about substitutions, planning ahead, and dedicating sometime in the kitchen. I had some thoughts on my mind for the longest time; one of them is the need to do some preparations that will help me to whip up a meal in less time. The other is to be able to continue my experimenting saga in the kitchen. So yesterday I came to a decision to dedicate one day a week to prepare some mixes and sauces to serve my meals for the next week/month. The third thought is to go back to meal planning and money saving when preparing my meals. I know that executing the first thought will serve the third one for sure. So now it was only a matter of getting off the couch, grabbing baby in his seat so he can join me in the kitchen while I do some magic.

So first, I needed to figure out what in general do I need to prepare (some staples) which will serve me well while cooking. Here is what I came up with and did in one hour and a half.
1. Bisquick mix (it is used in making pancakes, muffins, biscuits and some casseroles)
2. Chili powder mix ( used in making many Mexican dishes)
3. Taco spice mix
4. Pizza sauce
5. Mexican salsa
6. Cream of anything soup mix( this is great for any casseroles that need a can of creamed soup and a lot cheaper)
7. Home made sour cream (for cooking savory and sweets)
8. Bread crotons
9. All purpose stir fry sauce
10. Dry ranch dressing mix (great for salads and marinating)

I got my recipe cards and I was set to was intense but felt great to be back in the kitchen again. I made all of these and cooked 3 new dishes for lunch in addition to a new dessert. I will start posting the recipes now and keep checking the blog out for new ones.

Bisquick mix

10 cups of all purpose flour
1/3 cup baking powder
1/4 cup sugar
2 tea spoons salt
2 cups shortening

Mix all ingredients well until it resembles coarse meal. Store in an air tight container in the fridge. Now when I want to make pancakes all I have to do is to mix one cup of my mix+ an egg+ 3/4 cup of milk. I know that I can add cinnamon, chocolate chip, or berries to get a variation.

This mix can be used in any recipe calling for bisquick mix.

My home made mix


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