Eid and cookies

Eid is an occasion that my children look forward to it not only because it is time off from school and a chance to collect some good and easy money from relatives and friends but it is also about "Mama's cookies". Last Eid, was not a full Eid, according to my daughter "We had no cookies!!!", I replied "Well, I can't make anything with a baby less than a month old crying constantly". Luckily, babies grow and mine seems to give me less of a hard time these days, yet I don't expect myself to go over board and do challenging things like I used to. So this Eid, I tried to squeeze in sometime and make a variety of cookies to make Eid as special for my children. My plan was to do something everyday, not all at once, so I had to think of easy cookies, somethings that I can freeze ahead, slice and bake one day before Eid, some kids friendly ones, some for adults taste...etc. Too many points to consider but the results were great; I made 11 kinds of cookies...wow... I am so glad I could pull it off.
So here is what I made:
Orange Cherry Shortbread (made ahead and refrigerated) Just baked one day before eid

Chocolate Espresso crinckles (Made a day ahead)

Lemon cornmeal cookies (Made a day ahead)

Chocolate Caramel Bars (Made a day ahead) Didn't get a picture for those
Cookies balls (Made 2 days ahead)

Peanut butter Rice Krispies dipped in chocolate (Made a day ahead)

Cake batter fudge (Made a day ahead)

Coffee Chocolate chip shortbread (made ahead and refrigerated) Just baked one day before eid

Peanut butter and Jam cookies (Made one day ahead)

Palmiers (made ahead and froze) Just baked one day before eid

Pecan Icing thumb prints

I will share some of these recipes with you in another post soon as I am running out of time and baby is crying...lol!!!
Till next post...Happy cooking!!! 


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