Pizza taste in a way

What would you do if you feel like pizza and it is too late to order or you are too lazy to make one? Yet, the urge is irresistible and it is all what is on your mind. Melting cheese oozing out and satisfying your hunger!!Well, don’t get frustrated as I have this easy treat for you…Pita Pizza Sandwich! A sandwich suggested one time by my husband and became a classic in our house. Forgive my pictures as my camera is broken and am taking photos from my mobile.

Pita Pizza Sandwich
(no ratios here, just use the amount you like depending on how many sandwiches you want to make)
Green onion, chopped
Ketchup or pizza sauce if you have some on hand
Olive oil and Za’atar mix (Arabic oregano mix) to make a thick paste
Tomato, chopped
Black olives, chopped
(you can use salami or pepperoni chopped)
Mix of mozzarella cheese and cheddar
Pita bread (classic Arabic flat bread)

Mix all ingredients except cheese. Stuff the pita with the mix and sprinkle generously with cheese. Put in the oven or on an electric grill till the cheese melt. Enjoy!!!


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