Soda Cupcakes...a recipe for every busy mom!!!

I can’t believe that Feb passed by and we didn’t enjoy one day of really warm weather like we used to…at least if my memory saves me. It has been snowing for the past two days now…no complaints here as I know that we need every drop of water here in Jordan…yet I am a summer person and I can’t wait till summer is here!
And though I have been cooped up in the house, I feel so lazy and not in the mood of doing much… However the kids told me that they have a bake sale at school and they have to take something…so I did this and it didn’t take a minute to whip up and in the oven it went…Soda Cupcakes!!! With only 2 ingredients, these cupcakes are a life savior for every busy mom who has nagging kids or just too lazy to do anything; like me these days…I can’t believe who am turning into ….
And since I didn’t spend much time making them, I thought of dressing them with some butter cream and sprinkles to give them a nice look…viola!!! I hope you enjoy the recipe…And by the way...this is fantastic for all of you with eggs allergies...egg free recipe...
Soda Cupcakes
One box Cake mix of your choice, I had white cake mix
1 can of Soda (the bigger size one), I used Strawberry flavor. You can use seven up, orange or apple if you like.
Note: If you are you are using a chocolate cake mix, use a can of coke
Mix cake mix and soda can together
Line your muffin or cupcake pan with liners. Fill them 2/3 rd and pop it in a preheated oven in the middle rack at 350F or 175c. Use the regular tooth pick test to check doneness. Remove from pan and let cool on a wire rack. Frost with your favorite frosting.


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