“Za’atar pita bites”

“Za’atar pita bites” are a great healthy snack, which I eat regularly dipped in Labaneh (yogurt cheese) and with a nice hot mint tea. I usually cut my old pita bread for this (a great way to use a bit on the stale side pita). We make a big batch of this in my household as we love it. So here is how:

Pita bread cut into squares or triangles if you wish

Olive oil (I use a good splash to cover the pita and coat it will with Za’atar)

Za’atar (the kind we use for Mana’eesh, with sesame seeds and sumaq)


Toss all ingredients well to coat in a large non stick oven pan. Put in the oven at 180 degrees until it is toasty and smells like it. Make sure to stir occasionally as it toasts in the oven so it won’t burn. Enjoy!!!
 Before toasting


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