Art of Love

Love has so many shapes and forms. We demonstrate it to our families, relatives, friends...etc. We also have some issues dear to our hearts; for me it is the love to recycle and transfer "Trash to Treasure". This passion "Love" is about trying to save the environment and save money at the same time by making new great looking things from old ones. This project that am about to share with you was really fun as I got to use the word "Love" literally in it, my children shared making it with me and it only costed less than 5 what is not to love about this.

I saw this art project on a great site; Road kill Rescue and I knew I had to try make one myself. I loved the idea and had tons of magazines to recycle. So I got to work with my children and we were able to clip the letters on a span of few days. I bought the Canvas on sale for 4 JDs and mixed same quantities of elmers glue and water to make homemade worked like a charm. And here is the result...We are one loving proud family :)



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