Quick Dinners Challenge- Post 2

Don't you think that I forgot about this challenge, in fact it is a challenge to find the time to post what I have done under this challenge...lol!! I have been making quick and yummy dinners for us but so little time to take the picture, resize it, write a post and upload it. So please bare with me and I promise you the results are worth it.

My other quick and yummy- kids’ pleaser- dinner is String Cheese Spring rolls. This is an easier version of the fried cheese sticks and you can make a big batch, freeze and cook once you are ready. Very simple ingredients:

String Cheese Spring Rolls


1 pack spring rolls (I used the small size) (it has 25 spring rolls wraps in it)

13 sticks string cheese (you can substitute this with regular Mozzarella just cut it into thick strips)

1 table spoon flour + enough water to make a runny paste to seal the wrappers

A good amount of vegetable oil for deep frying


Cut each string cheese in half and place it on a sheet of spring roll diagonally.

Fold the sides and wrap like a cigar.

Using the flour and water paste, seal and set aside.

Continue until all is done. You can freeze this until this stage. To cook: heat oil to a high temperature, fry around 3-4 spring rolls at a time. Make sure that:

1. Your oil is hot

2. Don't over crowd the pan

If you fail to follow these two important notes, the cheese will ooze out of the dough and you will end up with a cheese dough mess.

Sprinkle them with some salt once they are nice and golden

Serve with your favorite Pizza or no meat pasta tomato sauce like I did here.

Happy Cooking!!!



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