Berries Iced Teaشراب الشاي المثلج بالفواكة العنبية

النسخة العربية من المقال بالاسفل

Ramadan is a day or two away...we are getting ready for the wonderful much anticipated month every year...this year is extra special with a family wedding during eid and a Henna party I am helping to prepare for the bride. Very exciting times and very happy moments...may Allah bless all of you in this month...

Ramadan this year is also going to be a bit tougher (I hope the weather will be nice)...long fasting hours that will reach around 16 hours of food is a great way to detox your body and a very meaningful way to feel with the less fortunate who can't have the luxuries we have in life especially food. 

Ramadan is also all about family time and family gatherings..its about getting together for Iftar..sipping soup, munching on the classic fatoush (Arabic green salad with toasted pita croutons) and enjoying Atayef for sure as the classic dessert during this month. 

In this hot time of the year..juices are very special and I will be sharing with you a wonderful refreshing iced tea recipe with can use mixed berries or strawberries only will do...mmmm delicious...

These wonderful glasses are from SDH
Berries Iced Tea
4 cups cold brewed black tea
2 cups frozen or fresh berries or you can use strawberries if that is what is available
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
juice of one small lemon

Mix water, sugar and berries in a pan over med heat and bring to a boil. Let it cook for a couple of min then remove off heat and let it cool completely. Mix some of the tea with the berries in a blender and drain. Mix the rest of the tea with the mixture and add lemon juice. Taste to adjust sweetness to your liking. Serve over lots of ice.

بدا شهر رمضان المبارك وكل عام وانتو بخير وربنا يتقبل من جميعا. السنة رمضان مميز جدا بوجود مناسبات هعائلية مهمة منها عرس بنت اخت زوجي ان شاء الله مباشرة بعد رمضان وقبلها حفلة الحنة ان شاء اللع برمضان واللي اسعدني اني مشاركة فيها بشكل رئيسي ورح اشارككم الصور ان شاء الله ولبعض الافكار اللي ممكن تساعد بانه الواحد يعمل ديكورات باستخدام مواد موجودة عنده بالبيت ليحولها لاشي حلو كتير.

بس هلا وصفة الايس تي او الشاي المثلح بالفواكه العنبية او الفراولة ةاللي عملتها على قناة رؤيا قبل رمضان الماضي.

الشاي المثلج بالفواكة العنبية او الفراولة
4 اكواب شاي بارد
2 كوب فواكة عنبية مشكلة (كرز، توت، فراولة) مفرزة او طازجة
1/2 كوب ماء
1/2 كوب سكر
عصير ليمونة صغيرة

تخلط الفواكة والماء والسكر على النار وتغلى 2 دقيقة ليذوب السكر وترفع وتبرد تماما
تطحن مع القليل من الشاي بالخلاط وتصفى
يسكب باقي المقدار فوق الشاي ويضاف عصير الليمون
نتاكد من مقدار الحلاوة ونعدلها حسب الرغبة
يقدم فوق الكثير من الثلج.


  1. Mmm.this looks so refreshing! Definitely will be trying this!

  2. Yum! So pretty looking and refreshing!

  3. Looks so refreshing! Love your pictures!

  4. Look at that gorgeous color!!

  5. I'd love this gorgeous looking refreshing drink right now 😊

  6. Yum, this sounds like a delicious iced tea! I have been sipping away on iced tea all summer :)

    1. It is by far the best drink on hot days and we had a fair share of hot weather this summer...thanks Donna for stopping by :)

  7. This drink looks so refreshing and pretty! You're seriously making me thirsty ;)

    1. Thank you Elysia for stopping by...I am glad you liked it :)


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