Baklava Two ways

A while back I saw a video showing a very skilled Turkish baklava maker making, of course, a huge tray of baklava...unrolling the phyllo dough so professionally in the tray, layering a heavy ..and I mean a heavy amount of ground nuts, mainly pistachios as I could tell from the video then topping it with more layers of dough. Using a sharp knife he made the diamond cuts, then poured the melted ghee on top and in the oven it went. Once golden brown, he took it out of the oven and poured honey simple syrup on top or what we call "Ater" here in this part of the world. Now that was a something to feast my eyes on.

So since I couldn't take that view off of my head, and since its Ramadan, I decided to make my baklava...I wanted to do two versions...a classic diamond shaped one and a funky cup like ones...

Here is my adventure making these..

2 packs phyllo dough, thawed in the fridge over night. (of course in the video they used fresh dough but it is not the easiest dough to make so store bought will do.
Note: I also decided to use 2 packs because I frankly wanted many layers of flaky crust.
2 cups ground pistachios (you can use any nuts you like but I wanted to be like this baklava man :)
1 cup of butter, melted (get rid of the white residue left at the bottom and only use the clarified part). If you have access to ghee then the better. I actually ended up mixing butter and ghee.

Honey simple syrup
3 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water
1 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp honey

Prepare Honey simple syrup by mixing sugar, honey and water on high heat. Do not stir and it is better if you use a stainless steel pot as it is a heat conductor kind of pot. Once it comes to a boil stir with a wooden spoon to ensure that there are no sugar crystals in the mix. Add lemon juice and let it boil for few minutes. Take off heat and let it cool completely.
In a rectangular pan (to make it easier to cut), lay one piece of dough after the other (How many layers you put will affect the size of your baklava. Once done with half the amount of dough, spread the pistachios generously. (Some recipes call for sugar and cinnamon mixed with the nuts, I don't like using cinnamon as it is not a traditional taste we are used to in baklava in Amman and I also decided not to add sugar as there is sugar syrup.

Add the other layer of dough. Now using a very sharp knife cut the dough into squares or diamonds by making crossing line diagonally in the pan. Pour the melted cooled ghee and bake in the oven at  200 c until golden brown. Once it is out of the oven, pour cold syrup gently and enjoy.

To make the mini baklava cups, just cut the dough into small squares, spread some ghee or butter on each sheet and line your cups (you might need around 5 layers) put a 3/4 Tbsp of filling, bake till golden brown and drizzle with cold syrup while hot.

The beautiful plate is from SDH

من فترة حد عمل شير لفيديو واحد بيعمل بقلاوة (حلونجي تركي) اشي خرافي من الاخر.....ههههه يعني صرت بدي امد ايدي من خلال شاشة الكومبيوتر واطول شقفة ومن وقتها صممت بدي اعمل بقلاوة بنفس الطريقة...زمان كنت ادهن العجينة واحدة واحدة واحطها بالصينية بس طريقته اسهل والنتيجة كانت اشي دسم وزااااكي ههههه

وكمان حبيت اعمل شكل تاني بالميني مفن

نبدأ بالطريقة:

البقلاوة بالفستق
2 علبة عجينة كلاج او فيلو او رقائق مذابة بالثلاجة قبل بيوم من العمل (طبعا ممكن تستخدمي واحدة بس انا حبيت يكون في كتير طبقات عجينة
2 كوب فستق حلبي مفروم خشن
 1 كوب سمنة مذابة  او زبدة واستخدمي الجزء الاصفر بس والابيض تخلصي منه
قطر بالعسل
3 كوب سكر
1/2 1 كوب ماء
2 ملعقة طعام عسل
ملعقة طعام عصير ليمون

اعملي القطر وذلك بخلط السكر والماء والعسل في طنجرة ستانلس ستيل وبدون تحريك فوق حرارة عالية ليذوب السكروتغلي
يضاف الليمون وتترك لتغلي عدة دقائق ويبرد
تفرد 1/2 كمية العجينة بصينية مستطيلة
يوزع الفتسق
تفرد نصف الكمية الثانية من العجينة
باستخدام سكين حادة قومي بعمل خطوط متقاطعة بالورب
وزعي السمن المذاب والبارد 
ادخليها فرن حار على 200 مئوي
تحرك اتدور اثناء الخبز لتحمر من كل الجهات
ننزل عليها كمية من القطرالبارد لتشربه
تترك لتبرد قبل التقطيع مرة ثانية وترتب

لعمل الاكواب بالميني مفن
تقص مربعات من العجينة وتبطن بعد دهنها بالزبدة داخل قوالب الميني مفن  (حوالي 5 ورقات بكل كب)
توضع الحشوة وتشوى لتحمر ويصب عليها القطر البارد وهي ساخنة بخفة


  1. I had to come see your blog after chatting with you, Manal! Happy Ramadan to you and your family :) Your photography and entire blog is simply beautiful! I love Middle Eastern food and have a few recipes on my blog including a popular ful medames. Who know, we may meet in October, lol. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you Robyn for stopping by...and thank you for your Ramadan wishes. I am glad you like Middle Eastern food, yet another good reason to drive you to visit :) I will check out your recipes as well for sure...I lived in Canada for 6 years by the way, visited in Jan of last year as well...Toronto mainly :)

  3. Those little baklava bites are adorable ! I'm totally making them this way from now on.

    1. Thank you!!! They are much easier to eat and less Hassel hehe :)

  4. I love this idea Manal
    what a lovely recipe..and who doesn't love Baklava :)

    Thanks for the recipe.
    also i recently saw Madiha nominate you for the Spanish blogger award :)
    Congrats..well deserved !!

    Love & Luck,

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for you kind words. I am very excited to be nominated for anything ... It's my first time :) I hope you get to try this recipe :)


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