Charlotte Royale...the daring bakers challenge for the month of June كعكة الشارلوت رويال

For the June daring bakers challenge Rebecca from challenged us to make Charlotte Royale and Charlotte Russe from scratch. Savory or sweet Charlottes were definitely tasty showstopper

One of the greatest advantages of being part of the Daring kitchen is the opportunities it provides to encourage members to try new dishes. For June, the daring bakers group challenged us to make Charlottes...amazingly enough she provided us with fantastic options savory and sweet for charlotte russe and royale...I was blown away of how delicious these looked and decided to do the charolotte royal from scratch this time as it was a mandatory thing for the challenge. I have done this dish before cheating I might as well add by using store bought Swiss roll...

In the past I have tried charlotte Russe and it is superb as well using store bought lady fingers...Rebecca shared with us how to make these from scratch as well not to mention the savory charlotte royale which i am determined on trying soon in a is a fantastic party dish...

Rebecca mentioned in her intro about the dish that (and I quote) " Charlotte actually refers to two different types of dish one cold and one hot" Who knew...I know I thought it was a sweet dish for a starter..and aparently there is a savory version...and I thought it was a cold dish but apparently there is a hot version as well according to Rebecca

 Rebecca continues "   Chilled Charlottes are composed of a lined bowl or mold, which is then filled with a Bavarian cream or mousse which is firm enough to slice when chilled.  The sweet Charlotte molds are typically lined with bread, cake or ladyfingers and the savory ones are lined with vegetables or bread.
The two classic types of chilled Charlottes are the Charlotte Royale and the Charlotte Russe.  The French Chef Marie-Antoine Carême supposedly invented the Charlotte Russe in the 1800s, naming it partly for the daughter of his former employer (George IV), as well as his current Russian employer (Czar Alexander I ).  The Charlotte Royale is a variation on the Charlotte Russe.
The Charlotte Russe is made in a loose bottomed cake pan lined with ladyfingers and is filled with one or more layers of Bavarian Cream or mousse.
The Charlotte Royale is typically made in a round bowl lined with slices of Swiss roll cake for a spiral effect."
So thank you once again Rebecca for a wonderful was my son's third birthday cake... I made it for the family and my little boy (the birthday boy) was asleep....hehehehe so we ended up devouring the cake by ourselves.

Charlotte Royale

To make the biscuit roulade: 
1/3 cup sifted cake flour
3 tablespoon unsifted cornstarch
4 large eggs, room temperature
1 large egg yolk, room temperature
½ cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar, divided
¾ teaspoon vanilla (I put 2 tsp as eggs are very eggy here in this part of the world)
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
Position the oven rack in the lower third of the oven and preheat oven to hot 450°F/230°C/gas mark 8.  Grease the jellyroll/sheet pan and line it with parchment and then grease it again and flour it. You may use baking spray with flour included if desired.
In a small bowl, whisk together the cake flour and cornstarch.
Separate 2 of the eggs, placing the yolks in one large mixing bowl and the whites in another.
To the yolks, add the additional yolk, the 2 remaining eggs, and ½ cup of the sugar.
Beat the yolk mixture with the paddle attachment on high speed for 5 minutes or until thick, fluffy and tripled in volume.  Beat in the vanilla.
Sift ½ the flour mixture over the egg mixture and fold it in gently but rapidly with a large balloon whisk (see notes), slotted skimmer spoon or rubber spatula until the flour has disappeared.  Repeat with the remaining flour mixture.
Beat the egg whites with the whisk attachment until foamy, add the cream of tartar and beat until soft peaks form when the beater is raised.  Beat in the remaining 1 tablespoon of sugar and beat until stiff peaks form when the beater is raised slowly.  Fold the whites into the batter and pour into the prepared pan, using an angled/offset metal spatula to level it.
Bake for 7 minutes or until golden brown, a cake tester comes out clean, and the cake is springy to the touch.
As soon as the cake has finished baking, slide it out of the pan onto a flat surface using the parchment to help move it.  Flip the cake onto a clean dishtowel and carefully remove the parchment paper.
While the cake is still hot, you will need to set aside a piece for the base and roll the remainder in a towel as described below.
Cut off a piece from one of the ends just wide enough to cut the top from later as shown in the photo below.   Set this piece aside to cool.  After this piece has cooled, cut it with shears or a sharp knife into the circle for the Charlotte base.
While the cake is still hot, roll the remaining piece of cake up tightly in the dishtowel.  Roll from the longest side with the darkest side of the cake on the inside.  Cool the rolled cake/towel on a rack.
To make the charlotte Royal
3/4 cup seedless raspberry jam, divided 
1 recipe Biscuit Roulade (below)
Filling: 1 recipe Bavarian Cream, (I confess I made a very light mixture of whipping cream and folded some strawberry jam in in it instead) 
Apricot jam, thinned and strained for glazing (optional)
Whipped cream, fresh fruit or sauce as desired for decoration
Lightly oil a 6-cup (1½ litre) round bowl or mold (the smaller the diameter at the top the better) and line it as smoothly as possible with plastic wrap, leaving a small overhang.  Measure the diameter of the bowl and make note of it.  You will need a round cake base of this size for the bottom of the Charlotte.   Note:  If the diameter of the top of your 6 cup bowl is very wide, you may want to make an additional 1/2 recipe of the cake in a smaller pan to make sure there is enough for the roll as well as the base.  Alternately, you can use a smaller bowl.
When ready to fill, gently unroll the cake and leave it on top of the towel.  Spread up to ½ cup of raspberry jam in a thin layer on top of the cooled cake, leaving it on the towel.
Roll up the cake as tightly as you can as you do not want gaps in the spirals. Wrap the roll tightly in plastic wrap and then foil and freeze until firm enough to slice, at least a couple of hours.  If desired, the roll and the base can be frozen for a few weeks before you make the rest of the Charlotte.
When the roll is firm, cut it into ¼ inch (5 mm) slices with a small, serrated knife.  You want to get as many spirals as possible, so be careful to evenly cut the slices as close to ¼ inch (5 mm) as you can.  Work quickly so the cake roll doesn’t thaw and soften too much.
To line the bowl, place 1 slice in the center and place other slices around it as tightly as possible to try to avoid gaps.
The spirals did not go all the way up, so I used strawberries to cover the gapes as you can tell int he picture. 
Make the Bavarian cream or filling (you can use ice cream as well) and spoon it into the lined bowl until it comes up to the top of the bowl or just to the place the top spirals last touch each other.  Trim the top spirals even above the cream if necessary.
Place the cake round on top of the cream and touching the edge of the spirals.   Press down gently on the edges of the cake circle so it makes contact with the edge of the spirals.
To unmold, invert onto a plate and lift away the bowl, tugging gently on the plastic wrap to release it.  To prevent drying out, leave the plastic wrap in place until serving or glaze the cake with some apricot jam that has been heated, strained and thinned with a bit of water until it is thin enough to brush over the cake.   If desired, decorate with whipped cream or fresh fruit.  The cake may also be served with raspberry sauce.

من اروع الاشياء اللي اشتركت فيها هي مطبخ التحديات واللي عرفني على مجموعة رائعة من المدونات وكمان الاكلات المختلفة من كل دول العالم...تحدي شهر 6 بنادي الخبز كان شوي بده شغل...كعكة الشارلوت من الاساس...هلأ انا كنت اعملها بس بغش شوي باختصار خطوة باني اجيب كيك سويسرول جاهز واستخدمه بس اكيد الطعم والشعور مختلف تماما لما ينعمل الاشي من الاساس...الحلو بالموضوع انه السويسرول بحد ذاته وصفة ممكن تتقدم لحالها اذا ما بدك تعملي كعكة الشارلوت....الكعكة فيها جمالية ورقي وبيبين اديه انتي تعبانة فيها...والطعم رائع وبيستاهل اكيد.

ربيكا من مدونة تحدتنا نعمل كعكة الشارلوت واللي اتفاجئت انه في منه نوع ساخن مش بارد بس وفي منها نوع مالح مش حلو بس. انا قررت اجرب نوع الشارلوت رويال واللي هو عبارة عن سويسرول بينحشى مربى وبيتجمد وبيتقطع وبنبطن فيه وعاء غميق وبنعمل حشوة من الكاسترد او الكريما والفواكه وبنجشيه وبعدين بنعمل قاعدة من نفس الكيك وبنبردها وبنقلبها لنحصل على هالكيكة الرائعة

لعمل الكعكة بدنا نشتغل عدة خطوات...

اولا عمل السويسرول
1/3 كوب طحين كيك
3 ملاعق طعام نشا
1/2 كوب سكر + ملعقة طعام
4 بيضات
صفار بيضة
1/4 ملعقة صغيرة كريم الطرطير
2 ملعقة صغيرة فانيلا


يفصل الصفار عن البياض في بيضتين فقط
نترك البياض على جنب ونخلط صفار البيضتين وصفار البيضة من المقادير والبيضتين الكاملتين معا ونخفق مع 1/2 كوب السكر  والفانيلا لمدة 5 دقائق لترتفع وتصبح خفيفة مثل الكريما ولونها اصفر فاتح
نخلط الطحين والنشا ونضيفهما بخفة للمزيج ونخلط بملعقة مطاطية بدون ان نخسر الهواء
في وعاء اخر نخفق بياض البيضتين لتتكون رغوة ثم نضيف كريم الطرطير ونخفق ليصبح المزيج ابيض مثل الكريما ثم ملعقة طعام السكر ونخفق ليشتد القوام
يضاف البياض لخليط الكيك وتحرك بملعقة مطاطية بخفة لتختلط

تدهن صينية مستطيلة بالسمنة والطحين وتبطن بورق الخبز ويدهن ورق الخبز بالسمنة والطحين ايضا لكي لا تلتصق به الكعكة
تفرد العجينة بشكل متساوي في الصينية وتخبز على حرارة 230 مئوي حوالي 7 دقائق لتصبح ذهبية.
اثناء الخبز نحضر بشكير نظيف ونضع عليه ورقة من ورق الخبز اكبر من الصينية.
تخرج من الفرن وتقلب فوق الورقة

تقسم الكعكة من النصف وهي ساخنة، قومي بلف نصف منها بشكل جيد مثل السويسرول ولفيه بقطعة القماش واحتفظي بالنصف الثاني ليكون القاعدة لكعكة الشارلوت. فبعد ان يبرد هذا النصف قومي وبواسطة السكين ب قطع دائرة بنفس حجم فوهة الوعاء الذي ستشكل فيه الشارلوت.

لتشكيل الشارلوت سنحتاج الى

3/4 كوب مربى فراولة او توت 
السويسرول الملفوف
2 باكيت كريما بودرة
كوب كريمة خفق
1/4 كوب مربى فراولة

يفك السوسرول بحذر ويحشى بالمربى
تحضر الحشوة بخفق الكريما مع الكريما البودرو لتشتد ويضاف المربى بالملعقة المطاطية
يبطن وعاء التشكيل بورق النايلون بحيث يفيض من الجوانب 
يقطع السويسرول بحذر الة دوائر ونبدا بترتيبها بقاع الوعاء والجوانب
تضاف الحشوة وتوضع القاعدة

تغطى بورق النايلون المتدلي من الجوانب وتبرد بالثلاجة وممكن بالفريزر (6 ساعات بالثلاجة على الاقل)
تقلب ويزال النايلون وتقدم

ملاحظة: لم تكفني كمية السوسرول لتغطية الجوانب فزينتها بانصاف الفراولة


  1. Thanks for trying the Charlotte with me this month!

    1. Thank you for the lovely challenge ... So worth it


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