عصير الكيوي بالليمونKiwi Lemonade

Crazy lovely times!!! This is the only thing that describes the last month and a half running around, cooking, styling food, shooting pictures and designing pages for Darna magazine, the 2nd issue that is now up and running...Please do check it out..this issue is very rich with back to school, Eid and Autumn recipes. We do hope you will enjoy it as much as we did making it. And for that I have to thank my partners in crime...Nisreen Shawwa and Sawsan Abu Farha for being such great friends, spirits and partners...so proud to be working with such great talents.

Now that the 2nd issue is out, I am sooooo looking forward to getting back on track and on top of things for this blog and other issues. I do hope to make up for the lost time the past month; it was for a good reason though :)

Today I will be starting the back to school series with recipes that you can make to include in your kids lunches. Don't we all get so frustrated not knowing what to give them for school. I know that I am one of those moms. I used to suffer with my eldest, Sultan, who always used to return his lunch home. Until one day I was cleaning his room and there was this weird smell coming from somewhere in the room. I started to look around for the source and .... Low and behold..!!! I found the sandwich cemetery in his drawer with rotten sandwiches inside...eeewww!!! That day I gave him my two cents in that if you don't like the sandwiches, at least tell me....don't start a museum collecting them!!! 

I knew I had to change my approach, so I got my kids involved in designing their lunch and what do they want to have. Of course reasonable requests only were allowed..hehehe 

So to start this series off, I just wanted to remind you of some options that are already here on the blog..

I will be sharing some more old recipes in upcoming posts, but you can feel free to browse through the blog for more options.

However and due to the hot wave that is hitting the Middle East these days with really temps soaring to almost 39c...I just can't stop myself from making drinks every day...refreshing and healthy ones that are also affordable...today I am sharing with you this Kiwi Lemonade...(I should declare it the official Lemonade season this summer...hahaha...as I made so many types of lemonade so far).

Kiwi Lemonade
1/2 cup lemon juice
5 kiwi fruits, peeled and cubed
1/4 cup milk
2 1/2 cups water
1 cup sugar (you can use less if kiwi is sweet or use an artificial sweetener if you prefer)

Blend all ingredients in a blender...enjoy over ice :) Now that is refreshingly easy...

بعرف شو رح تقولوا.....ابصر منال شو صايرلها الها فترة نايمة ولا مدونة ولا غيره بس الحقيقة والواقع انه الحياة ركض ركض ركض....مع عجقة دارنا واللي فخورين بالعدد الثاني منها وطبخ وترتيب وتنسيق وتصوير واخراج للوصفات ...ورمضان والصيف والضيوف...اكيد وللاسف المدونة ما اخدت حقها من وقتي.... ان شاء الله بنظم اموري افضل هلا خاصة انه القطاقيط الحلوين راحوا على المدرسة (الحمد لله حمدا كثيرا مباركا) ههههههه جد اما عطلة 3 اشهر...مش حرام يا وزير التربية.....والله هلكنا..طبعا انا بنبسط لاني ما بدرس خلص كبروا الله يحميهم فاكيد المدرسة اشي رائع...

وبالحديث عن المدرسة وفي العدد الثاني من مجلة دارنا في وصفات متنوعة جدا للمدارس من انواع حمص لفبلفل لساندويشات لمعجنات لافكار لعمل اكل المدرسة....بنتمنى تشوفوها وتعجبكم

 وعلى مدونتي في كمان كتير افكار لاكلات بدل الساندويشات للمدرسة مثل الوصفات اعلاة وادناه 

وفي غيرها رح ابقى اذكركم بروابطها لتنوعوا...نصيحتي دايما خططوا لوجبات الاسبوع مع الاولاد بينبسطوا على اللنشبوكس وما بيرجعولكم اياه مش متاكل...

ومع استمرار موجة الشوب بالاردن والشرق الاوسط مش قادرة اوقف اعمل عصائر لانها اروع اشي بهالطقس الحار...زصفة اليوم سهلة كتير وسعرها مناسب (اذا الليمون رخيص...وهالايام مع عم بيكون رخيص ابدا وللاسف )  وموادها متوفرة

عصير الكيوي بالليمون
1/2 كوب عصير ليمون
كوب سكر (ممكن اقل)
1/2 2 كوب ماء
5 حبات كيوي مقشرة ومقطعة
1/4 كوب حليب

تخفق كل المقادير بالخلاط وتقدم فوق الثلج... والف صحة


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