Crunchy fish fillets with Middle Eastern flare

It feels like ages since I posted and it has been only few days but I was really on a roll last month so I hate to see my self slacking at the end. The slacking wasn't due to laziness in cooking and taking photos but rather in posting on the blog due to my little one getting sick. Boy do I hate winter due to that!! He tends to get colds once a month...I really hope this winter will be different, do you guys have any suggestions to boost his immunity? I try to give him oranges and other sources of vitamin C with no luck, he hate oranges.

Anyway, let me get down to the first recipe this month and it is one of my favorites. Fish and chips any one?!! I love using fresh fish fillets like Tilapia or sea bass for this recipe in addition to a famous fish in the Gulf called Hamoor in Arabic and Grouper in English. It is so meaty and very appropriate for this dish.

As a child who lived in Dubai for a while, fish was on the table once a week. It is so popular there, so fresh and so affordable. While here in Jordan, it is unfortunate we don't have access to fish as much as we would love to not to mention that it is quite expensive. Don't even ask about shrimps!! So I do miss eating fish. Yes we do have frozen fish fillets but I do hate them, they are not even close in taste to the fresh please if you don't have access to fresh fish or great quality frozen one, don't bother making the recipe because frozen fish tends to loose texture due to having a high content of water in it. Maybe it is more suitable for a quick sauteing in a frying pan.

And as you all know fish and chips is a very classic British dish. My mom used to make fried fish by dusting the fillets in flour and deep frying them. Well it was very good but didn't have quite the crunch that I was seeking. So I really wanted to make the British version with a Middle Eastern twist with the spices used.

Crunchy fish fillets with Middle Eastern flare
6 Fish fillets (the kind you prefer, I used Grouper)
One lemon, zested and juiced
1 tea spoon ground cumin
1/2 ground coriander
1 Tbsp flour

For the batter:
1 cup flour (you might need more)
1/2 cup water (you can use club soda, even better)
1/2 cup milk
2 Tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp of ground cumin and coriander

Oil for deep frying

Rub fillets gently with lemon juice, zest, flour and spices and let it set in the fridge for an hour
Mix batter ingredients to get a consistency between the pancake and crepe batter (it should not be too runny or too thick)
Heat the oil to a good high temperature. Dip fish fillets in the batter and fry (one fillet at a time or 2 depending on the size of your pan; just don't over crowd the pan)
If you feel that the batter is browning too fast, just reduce the heat to ensure the batter is golden brown and the fish is cooked. It will depend on the size and thickness of the fillets but it is usually about 7 minutes frying. You can test the first one by opening it from the thickest side, if it white and flaky then its done.
Continue with the rest and serve with chips and Tarator (a special tahini sauce with lots of parsley)

بديت الشهر الماضي بداية ممتازة على المدونة وفشكلت اموري بالاخر مع اول مرضة للاستاذ هارون هاد الشتاء...الله يحميهم الصغار بس اللي بيروح على الحضانة هيك بيصير معه. شو بدنا نعمل!!!
المهم اني ما قصرت هاي الفترة وطبخت وعملت اشياء كتير رح اشارككم فيها باذن الله هاد الشهر ومنها المادلين لانه انطلب مني وكمان حلويات خريفية بالقرفة.
وصفة اليوم هي لطبق انا بحبه كتير وهو السمك المقلي بس مش زي ما كانت امي تعمله...طبعا كان بيشهي بس ما بيقرش كفاية...لانها كانت تغطسة بالطحين وتقليه. اليوم رح نعمل تغليفة للسمك ونقليه ليطلع معنا وصفة رائعة وبتقرش رح تعجبكم ان شاء الله.

السمك المقلي المقرمش
6 شرحات فيليه سمك (ممكن هامور وممكن اي نوع بتحبوه)
عصير ليمونة
بشر ليمونة
معلقة طعام طحين
ملعقة صغيرة كمون
1/2 ملعقة صغيرة كزبرة ناشفة مطحونة

مقادير التغليفة:
كوب طحين (ممكن تحتاجي اكتر)
1/2 كوب ماء او شراب الصودا الغازي بدون سكر او نكهات (كلوب صودا)
1/2 كوب حليب
2 ملعقة طعام بيكنج باودر
ملح، فلفل اسود
1/2 ملعقة صغيرة من الكمون والكزبرة الناشفة

يخلط السمك بالطحين والعصير وبشر الليمون والبهارات ويترك ساعة
تخلط مكونات التغليفة للحصول على قوام وسط (ليس سائل ولا جامد)
تغطس فيلية السمك وتقلى بالزيت الغزير الحامي (حوالي 7 دقائق حسب حجم الفيلية) مع مرارعاة خفض الحرارة اذا لاحظت ان اللون بدأ يحمر بسرعة قبل استواء السمك
تقدم مع البطاطا المقلية والطرطور


  1. يسلموا هالايدين، من اطباقي المفضلة ايضا، واعتقد ان هذه الوصفة مناسبة تماما لتصويرها فيديو علشان نشوف طريقة القلي وكمية الزيت، وسلامته لهارون الف سلامة

  2. عاشت إيدك..شي بيشهي ومرتب...هادا مثل سمك المطاعم..اكيد راح اجرب طريقتك بأقرب وقت...يعطيكِ كل العافية يارب


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