Last post in 2015 12 recipes

Holidays are another very busy time in my kitchen. As I have a home based catering business, I do get busy fulfilling customers orders for the special occasions. Like these cupcakes and cookies

And Turkey parties with all the fixings :)

And much more including Trifles, cookies, Kubbeh and more.

I love it when I am busy making all of this for customers, it is absolutly very nice when I see the smiles on their faces once they pick up their this cake for a one year old baby...

So...this is my excuse for being so sloppy and lazy in posting on the blog..I miss it so much and I have tons of things lined up which I want to share....

As usual, I do a post for the best 12 of every year. Last year, I did many posts including best salads, desserts...etc. This year and due to lack of time I will be doing the top 12 recipes that you guys visited and enjoyed in 2015.

And here they are:

1. Pumpkin jam
2.  Green Za'tar and cheese muffins (this is one of the most popular recipes on this blog since the start)
3. Ramadan bread
4. Jordanian Matabgha
5. Corn soup
6. Taboun bread 
7. Musakhan
8. Halloum and zatar buns 
9. Turnip pickles (the Middle Eastern way)
10. Spice blends
11. Stir fry
12. Ma'monia

Thank you guys indeed for following this blog and I promise you more great things to come in the future.

Wishing all of you a happy new year to come.

كتير يمكن سألوني وين هالغيبة بس مع عجقة الاعياد والامتحانات مع عم بيكون في وقت كتير للكتابة على المدونة...كنت كتير مشغولة بالفترة الاخيرة بطلبات الزباين من المعجنات والحراق اصبعه وغيرها من الاشياء اللذيذة

المهم زي ما تعودنا بنهاية كل سنة بنعمل عد لاكتر 12 وصفة كان عليها طلب بال 2015 

ان شاء الله السنة الجديدة تكون احسن واحلى وان شاء الله سنة خير على الجميع وكل عام وانتم بخير


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