Dates Smoothie and my 1st photography winning

Winning an award is such a great honor!!! It's all about recognition for all the hard work that you have put to make something, present it and to be accredited and appreciated by some important panel of experts. This is how I felt few days ago when I was among the winners of Foodelia;  an international food photography award where only less than 3% of photos are selected. This is just amazing. And what is more amazing is that 2 pictures of mine where chosen. It does feel great.

When I look back at how my photography was; if you even call it photography at the time, boy did I come a long long way. I am so grateful to all those around me who helped me grow. Who guided me through this incredible journey to seek knowledge of a very fun and exciting hobby I didn't know it existed in me. Many people ask me what is the model of your camera? And that is a very interesting question becuase when I started the whole thing, I thought it was the camera...if you have a professional camera your photos will look amazing. Little did I know that it takes a lot, and I mean a lot, more than that.

When it comes to food, it starts when how you make the food look like, how you style it, props you use, where do you shoot, do you have enough lighting? Or maybe too much light? Are there any reflections on your dish? How to make the food look interesting on camera just like it really looks in reality is not a very easy task. There are so many elements that play a big role besides the model of your camera. A good professional camera is a great thing, but if you don't know your ways around it, then it just can be as good as your mobile camera..not more.

I read a lot, I experimented a lot and I had a fun time shooting photos when ever possible. I joined many groups, put my photos out there for critique, participated in food expert websites that won't accept just any photos like foodgawker and got so many rejections until I started to get the hang of it.

Thank you all for all of your support of drive me to be who I am today.

Now lets get back to business...the business of food and recipes...Have you even made a dates smoothie? Healthy, creamy and delicious...

The recipe is very simple and was featured in the first issue of Darna magazine over a year ago. It is appropriate in this hot weather and very filling.

For the full recipe, visit Darna magazine.

للوصفة باللغة العربية زوروا مدونة دارنا 


  1. يا خسارة يا منال...مدونتك كانت من احلى المدونات و هلء عمتفقد بريقها. يا ريتك تقدري ترجعي زي زمان


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