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What a year...!!! Full of changes that are both exciting and hard. Looking back at 2016 and away from all the political ciaos in the Middle East, 2016 was full of changes in my life..significant ones! Like going back to the career world and getting used again to a rigid, hectic and demanding schedule. It was not the easiest transformation yet I think I have managed to stand my ground without loosing my mind especially in the past month and a half where I had to travel four times!!! Not easy at all when you have a family and a 4 and a half years old. It was very tough on Haroon and the poor baby, he has been so clingy lately just in case I disappear again.

Juggling both family, work, a business, a blog and a magazine is not the easiest thing to do. I have to admit that I failed miserably in achieving the balance I was hoping for. Before I had Haroon, when I used to work, make cakes and catering in addition to cooking classes every Saturday things were a bit less hectic; at least the kids were older and life for some reason was less demanding. And I have to admit I didn't have the blog back then, neither did I have the magazine. Social media except for facebook didn't exist in my dictionary back then. So today with all these responsibilities it is not easy to maintain the balance. And the ironic thing is that it seems that the more connected we are through the WWW, the more apart we become..Sad but its the ugly truth.

In 2016 I took major financial decisions as well, I bought a car and a house!!!! CRAZY stuff let me tell you and the financial commitment today is just spinning out of control. I am just hoping that with some furgality I will manage to keep my head above waters.

In 2016 I hit 40!!! YEAH!!! a woman this might sound weird..admitting my age so bluntly but each and every year I get older I count my blessings for all the great memories I have in my past 40 years ...the good and the ugly...its LIFE!!! I am so grateful for so many things especially the ability to adapt with every hiccup I had to endure.

In 2016 I met new people, saw old friends and loved ones. I lost loved ones, I traveled, I took so many pictures (food ones :) ) and I cooked my love to food away whether for the blog, for Darna magazine or just for the love of it.

Yet, I miss cooking, I miss blogging as often as I used to, I miss being here. Every time I swear that I will find the time to be here more often, something would happen and I would be just exhausted from posting. Let's hope that I will manage better in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, what are you dreams? What are your aspirations for the next year?!! Besides losing weight, saving money or finding your soulmate!!! What are you looking to achieve? Would love to hear your stories and your dreams here. Don't be shy, share with us so you can make it official and work hard to achieve.

In 2016 I posted a lot less than previous years, yet some dishes remain the most popular on the blog and these are:

Pumpkin Jam

Jordanian Matabaga

Taboon Bread

Green Zatar and Nabulsi Cheese Muffins
These are the most popular ones at the blog.

However today I want to share with you one of the most in demand recipes in my kitchen especially that we eat a lot of Mexican food around here. Its the Salsa Picante. 
I love this recipe so much not only because of how easy it is but also how frugal and you end up saving a lot of money instead of buying the store bought ones. In Jordan the jar can reach up to 2 JDs for a small one which is almost 4 USD. I make 2 Jars for around 0.70 Piasters (around a Dollar). Now that is something you can't beat.

No preservatives, you can make it smooth or chunky, spicy or not (I don't make it spicy)...don't you love it when you are in control.

CopyKat Salsa Picante
2 cans chopped or whole canned tomatoes and you chop it. You can also peel 4-5 med size red tomatoes and chop
1/2 Green pepper chopped
1/2 small onion chopped
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup distilled vinegar
A dash of salt
Chili pepper flakes if you want it spicy or use green chilies instead of the green bell peppers.

Mix tomatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic powder in a pot and put it on high heat. When it comes to a boil lower the heat and cover. Let it simmer for 1/4 hour then pour the vinegar and take it off the heat.
Put it in sterilized jars in the fridge or freeze if you want to make big batches.

Use it in any recipe that requires salsa including quesadillas, burritos, nachos, enchiladas or as a dip with chips

بس اطلع على سنة ال2016 وبعيدا عن اي احداث سياسية...فهي كانت سنة عجقة وتغييرات كبيرة بحياتي...مثل ما بتعرفوا قررت ارجع على الحياة العملية وارجع اصحى بكير (مش اني كنت اصحى متأخر بالاول...ابدا) بس رجعت للنظام والدوام وتزبيط المزاعيد مشان الحق على كل الطابات اللي حاملتهم ...او بالاحرى زي ما حكت الدكتورة رنا الدجاني بجلسة اصلها ثابت..الحق على كل الطواقي اللي لابستها...زوجة وام وابنة وامرأة عاملة بدوام وصاحبة مصلحة ومدونة وشريكة بمجلة....مهمات كتير وللاسف بكذب اذا بقول اني وفقت بينها بالشكل اللي كنت اطمح اله...بس على الاقل حاولت وبدأت مؤخرا اشعر اني ممكن اوازن الامور بشكل افضل لاني بديت اتعود.

بال 2016 صار احداث كتير بحياتي وزادت مسؤولياتي وخاصة المادية ..عندي احلام وطموحات بحب اني احققها وبتمنى انه ال 2017 تجيب الخير للجميع...

بال 2016 قابلت ناس كتير وتعرفت على اصدقاء جدد..شفت اصحاب قدام...فقدت ناس بحبهم...وسافرت كتير بالفترة الاخيرة للشغل وغيره كتير...
اكتر مكان بحبه وبحس بوجودي فيه هو هالمدونة وللاسف بعمل وقت مؤخرا لكل اشي وهي بتيجي بالاخر...:(

عملتوا قائمة الاشياء الحابين تحققوها بال 2017؟ بعيدا عن الدايت والتوفير والعاطفة....هههههه شو احلامكم واهدافكم للسنة الجديدة؟ انا رح اشارككم بعدة احلام وخطط في اشي منها اله علاقة بالتوفير...معلش ما بقدر اقاوم هاد الموضوع...

المهم سؤال تاني...شو اكتر وصفات حبيتوها ب ال 2016؟ فوق حطيت الوصفات الاكثر بحث على المدونة ...مربى القرع رقم واحد...

من اكتر الوصفات اللي بتنطلب مني وبتدخل بكتير وصفات مكسيكية وما في غنى عنها هي وصفة الصلصة المكسيكية....بالناتشوز, كتغميسة، بالانشلادا، بالكاساديا....وغيره

الحلو بالوصفة هاي انها مش بس سهلة ورخيصة كتير كمان...مرتبان الصلصة بالاردن حجم صغير بحوالي 2 دينار...الوصفة هاي بتعمل مرتبانين تقريبا بحوالي دينار وربع اذا جبته البندورة المعلبة ب 0.5 دينار او استعملتوا بندورة طازجة. وبدون مواد حافظة ووبتحرق او ما بتحرق اشي ممكن تتحكموا فيه...

صلصة البيكانتي المكسيكية
   2 علبة بندورة معلبة ومقطعة
   بصلة صغيرة مفرومة ناعم
   حبة فليفلة خضراء مفرومة ناعم
   1/4 ملعقة صغيرة بودرة الثوم (يمكن استخدام سن ثوم صغير مفروم)
   1/4 كوب خل
   ملح (حسب الرغبة)

  توضع كل المقادير ما عدا الخل في قدر على نار متوسطة، تخفض الحرارة بعد ان تبدأ بالغليان
  وتترك لتتسبك مدة بين 20- 25 دقيقة مع التحريك من حبن لآخر حتى لا تلتصق في قاع القدر.
  يضاف الخل وترفع عن النار


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