Two ingredients Popsicle & Berries juice in a snap :)

Since the start of technology invation, I have been riding the wave until the applications started piling up and there was no way I can keep up with all these social media channels. So I was on facebook since 2007, followed by twitter (not very active), then pintrest (my favorite), instagram (my second favorite), whatsapp ...of course!! Nonetheless, my followers have been demanding I go on snap chat. I was really worried that I can't keep up with all of this without dropping the ball!!! God knows I have dropped it so many times and this blog has suffered from that too. However, I downloaded the app a long time ago but didn't get into it until the past few days..and surprisingly I am digging it :)

So I am a snappie now... If you want to follow me my account is

Now...since the start of putting recipes I have decided that even if it is on snapchat, I still need to share it with you here. Not everybody has converted to snapchat and they can't be denied the access to delicious recipes like the couple I am planning to share with you today and hopefully tomorrow there will be a couple of new ones as well.

The weather have been extremely hot in Amman and it really requires a lot of ice cream :), juices and water. So I made a couple of easy recipes and they were a quick berry juice blend using a powdered mix in addition to what I had in the fridge from fresh berries. I also made chocobanana Popsicle using the tons of frozen bananas I have in the freezer as am attempting to empty it for cleaning and reorganizing .

Here are the recipes

Chocobanana Popsicle

6 ripe bananas
1 cup nutella

Note: Got to love these recipes that don't need many ingredients.

Mix two ingredients in a blender, pour in Popsicle mold and in the freezer it goes for at least 4 hours. You don't have to put it in the molds, a Tupperware will do.

The second recipe was actually with no specific ingredients. I was inspired by the fact that I had these cherries and strawberries that were a bit ...well lets say not in the best I put them in the blender with a whole lemon cut up and a pack of powdered berries juice koolaid abroad or Tiara and foster clarks in Jordan. Added water and viola...this was the result.

Very refreshing...

مع الغزو التكنولوجي حاليا بطلت عارفة شو اتابع وشو ما اتابع...كتير في اشياء وصعب الواحد يلحق...خاصة اذا كان عنده شغل تاني لازم يركز عليه...بس المتابعين ما يأسوا من اقناعي بانه لازم يكون عندي سناب تشات... وانا بقاوم..هو في اكاونت بس نايم تماما...المهم هينا فعلناه وان شاء اقدر الحق على كل هالاشياء...

عملت وصفتين بهالحر...بوظة وعصير...خلصت فيعم من شوية موز بالفريزر وشوية فواكه ما حد قابل ياكلها

بوظة باستخدام مكونين بس

بوظة الموز والنيوتيلا

6 حبات موز
كوب نيوتيلا

يخلطوا بالخلاط ويصبوا بقوالب البوظة او عادي بتحطوهم بتبروير
بالفريزر 4 ساعات وصحتين
ممكن اضافة الفانيلا او القرفة

والوصفة الثانية هي لعصير عملتوا بدون مقادير...عندي شوية كرز وشوية فراولة حطيتهم بالخلاط مع باكيت عصير بودرة بنكهة التوت زي تياري او فوستر كلاركس وحطيت ليمونة بقشرها مقطعة ومي وخلطه وصفيته ..طلع بيشهي


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