Lemon Coconut Bundt cake

So here comes another year and we are facing the same issues...RESOLUTIONS!!! I hate the word in essence because it feels like you have issues that you need to resolve and find solutions for while in reality you are just a human being who is trying to manage in this tough life of ours to the best of your abilities. Now with the social media and the exposure that we get, boy is it tough to keep your life together without feeling left out or under achievements while in reality no one is perfect no matter how good they try to make them selves look on all the social media channels. So my advise to you, get real, see what suits you best and go for it. You don't need to please no one or live up to their expectations, just enjoy who you are and who you want to be really.

This pretty much sums up what my thoughts are for 2018, I did put goals and not resolutions. Realistic ones that can be done and I urge you to do the same; just don't live someone else's life...BE YOU!!!

Today and in this post I will share a delicious lemon coconut cake recipe that is done using a Turkish coffee cup as the key measuring cup in it...don't we all love those recipes...good oldies that just used good old grandma's coffee cup. The recipe goes back to when I was 17, I used to watch one of my favorite shows back then and they made this recipe. It has been a favorite of mine since then. Make it and enjoy it with a cup of afternoon tea....so refreshing and light.

The other part of this post is dedicated to my laundry room. I have been sharing with all my followers on snap chat the transformation that literally took forever as I was on a very, and I mean VERY tight budget. I set 30 JDs only (less than 50 USDs) to transform the ugly and messed up room I had. Too bad I have no old pictures..embarrassing but you would at least have seen the difference and appreciated the effort I had to put in order to pull such a challenge off with this limited budget. 

So briefly and quickly I will post the new pics of the laundry room and will sum up the cost and things which I did.

I kept the old shelves though they are not in the best shape..one of them needs a good fix up. I bought the 2 plastic bags organizers (under the shelf) from a shop for 2 JDs each. Bought the lovely natural baskets from Jollychic.com for around 2.5 each (got 3). The baskets house all the detergents that were missing up the clean look of the room. Used old green pots I had in between (no new cost here). As for the 2 big white baskets above, 2 for 3 JDs from a local supermarket and bought the round one from down town Amman for 1/2 a JD.

I really wanted a clean green and white look for the room, somehow it gives a way a comfy and relaxing feeling. The toilet paper baskets are done by me. I just used old carton boxes, a glue gun and bought a dozen of beige rope bundles (10 meters each) from down town. The dozen cost was 9 JDs but I used 6 of them. As for the white liner, it was a cloth I already had. The white pot was for 1/2 a JD from down town Amman.

  I made this by printing it out of the internet and gluing it on a sign I already had. (love it :) )

I used old glass jars to house the detergents and used black board stickers I already had to put the name of each jar content on it using a chalk pen. (Had it before)

I changed the light fixture into one from IKEA for 5 JDs and also bought the 3 laundry baskets for a total of 9 JDs.

The total spent is few JDs above 30 and boy it is fantastic....I hope you like it as much as I do..wish I had the before pics..

Now for the recipe of this post...lemon coconut cake

Lemon coconut cake
Note: All cups are Turkish coffee cups
6 cups flour
3 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
3 tsp vanilla powder
Juice and zest of one lemon
4 cups shredded unsweetened coconut
4 cups powder milk
6 cups sugar
3 cups oil
1 measuring cup (this one is using the standard measuring cups) of water

Heat oven to 180 degrees (350 F)
Grease a tube or bundt cake pan
Mix eggs and sugar
Add vanilla, zest and lemon juice
Add milk then oil, beat.
Add water, coconut and the mixer of flour and baking powder.
Pour into the pan and bake for around 1 hour or until it passes the cake test.

As for the glaze, its powdered sugar and lemon juice, whip up to reach a thick consistency that can be poured over the cake. You can used milk and lemon peel instead of the juice)

بدأت السنة الجديدة والايام بتركض..بتمنالكم سنة جديدة حلوة ومثمرة ومليئة بتحقيق كل ما تتمنون..

طلبتوا مني صور لغرفة الغسيل..موجودين فوق وبميزانية تجاوزت ال 30 دينار ببضع دنانير وهاد شيء بيسعدني..يار زيت عندي صور قبل لتشوفوا وين كنا ووين صرنا..

اما وصفة اليوم فهي لكعكة الليمون وجوز الهند واللي كانت وصفة رائعة من برنامج ساعة شباب ايام زمان

كعكة الليمون وجوز الهند
ملاحظة: فنجان القهوة التركي هو معيار القياس
6 فناجين طحين 
3 ملعقة صغيرة بيكنج باودر
4 بيض
3 ملعقة صغيرة فانيلا
بشر وعصير ليمونة
4 فناجين جوز هند
6 فناجين سكر
4 فناجين حليب بودرة
3 فناجين زيت
كوب معياري ماء

يحمى الفرن الى 180
يدهن القالب (استخدمت القالب بفتحة من الوسط)
يخفق البيض والسكر
تضاف الفانيلا وبشر وعصير الليمونة
يضاف الحليب وبقية المقادير
تخبز حوالي ساعة لتتجاوز اختبار الكيك

بالنسبة للجليز الابيض فهو سكر ناعم وعصير ليمون يضاف بالتدريج للسكر الناعم للحصول على جليز
ممكن اضافة الحليب وبشر الليمون بدلا من العصير


  1. Love the changes made to the laundry room! The recipe sounds delicious and I have all ingredients at home... wish the measurements were using regular cups...


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