Saudi Jareesh...the fast way

Ramadan is here it is a very exciting time every year...Yes I do miss my coffee a great deal but my ritual (a bit of a bad one I may add) is to wake up for Sahoor and have my caffeine fix in addition to 2 pills in case of most likely and expected headaches due to lack of the C my book its the most important vitamin to make me function in my hectic and busy schedule...

These past few weeks have been literally crazy....I just finished filming an intense 18 cakes course with many recipes which was a great very proud of it and very proud of the team who took the course...they have done an amazing job making the cakes and perfecting them more than their teacher...
Additionally, I am done with a special variety course for Ramadan...these are the courses that I prefer the most ... lots of goodies from soups, salads, main dishes, appetizers, pastries, sweets, drinks...lovely...and the group is just awesome...

Moreover I am done fulfilling all frozen items to customers...but still photo shooting some of my menu items for Ramadan ..let me tell you...just lovely but crazy times...this amount of work makes me collapse every single night and I can't wait till am done so I can use the holy month to reflect a bit and just take it easy...I CAN ONLY HOPE!!!!

Now the plan is not quite relaxing as I want to be able to post recipes more often here...that is my plan and I am only keeping my fingers crossed. I want to also film some videos for the public youtube channel and for your guys here special and yeah..its not complete relaxation but exciting for sure.

I am also still in the decluttering and organization phase...its seems that it is taking forever but I do anticipate that I will use the holy month since there is only one meal to be prepared really to continue this quest...its moving but rather slower than I had anticipated...but at least it is moving...let me share with you some of the progress in this vlog...

So these are very simple solutions and tips I have done so far and very happy with the results...I feel much lighter for sure and I know that I will need to do the same process for my summer stuff soon....

I have also done some prep work for Ramadan...and I am not talking about kubbeh or samboosek....I am talking about some things I did while decluttering my freezer and when I received some veggies from the farm...I will share with you in my next post.

As for our first recipe this Ramadan which I am hoping you will try its the fake Jareesh...Jareesh is a form of cracked wheat that is totally different from Freekeh or from whole wheat... but in this recipe we are not actually using it but we are getting the almost taste and texture using ingredients that most of us have in the kitchen. Original Jareesh requires hours of cooking while mine didn't take more than one hour from start to finish and that is not bad for the wonderful great taste that I have gotten as an end result.

Here is the video followed by the recipe in both Arabic and English

Saudi Jareesh...the fast way
4 small chicken breasts boiled in water infused with celery, carrots, onions, bay leaves, pepper corns, a stick of cinnamon and whole cloves
1 Tbsp ghee
1 onion chopped
2 cups instant oats
2 cups cooked white rice
Boiling water
Salt, pepper
4 oz of cream cheese 113 g
For the topping:
2 Tbsp ghee (a must)
1 large onion finely chopped
Salt, pepper
1 Tbsp dried ground Lomi (black dried lemons)


Watch video for details

يعني الفترة الماضية لو اني سوبر وومن كنت رح انهار...شغل كتير الحمد لله وما في مساعدة فالوضع صعب جدا وللاسف اني محضرة اشياء كتير لاحطها بالمدونة وما عم الاقي وقت فمعذرة على التأخر بالبوستات

عملت شوية ترتيبات بالبيت زي ما حكينا للتخلص من الاشياء الزيادة وبتلاقوا كل التفاصيل بالفيديو فوق
وطبعا مؤخرا انهيت دورتين طبخ جداد وكبار بالاضافة الى طلبيات المفرزات للزباين وتحضيرات منيو رمضان...مو مصدقة انع اليوم السادس....يعني بكرة اسبوع....طار رمضان بسرعة يا جماعة...

المهم انه كان عندي امل اعمل بوستات يومية هون بس يبدو انه مش زابطة مع الضغط والحقيقة الفيديوهات والتصوير بياخدوا وقت كتير ولاني انا اللي بطبخ وبرتب وبصور وبجلي...الموضوع صار بياخد اضعاف الوقت تبع زمان...حاليا الساعة 5 الفجر وقررت اني ما انام بعد السحور لاضمن اني احط هاد البوست

طبخة اليوم هي الجريش الكذاب... اكلة سعودية روووعة الصراحة وعملتها فيديو سريع لالكم وهي مقاديرها تحت مع طريقة العمل السريعة والطريقة مفصلة بالفيديو فوق

الجريش الكذاب
4 صدور دجاج صغيرة تسلق مع المطيبات (جزر، كرفس، بصل، ورق غار، فلفل اسود حب، القليل من عروق البقدونس، هيل حب، عود قرفة، عدة مسامير من كبش القرنفل)
بصلة مفرومة ناعم
ملعقة طعام سمن حيواني او زيت
كوبين معياريين شوفان سريع الطبخ
2 كوب ارز ابيض مطبوخ
ماء مغلي
ملح، فلفل اسود 
113 غم جبنة كريمية
2 ملعقة طعام سمن حيواني او زبدة (الزيت لن يفي بالغرض)
بصلة كبيرة مفرومة ناعم
ملح وفلفل اسود
ملعقة طعام لومي اسود مطحون

يسلق الدجاج
يقلب البصل ثم الدجاج المسلوق وبقية المكونات ومرق الدجاج وتطبخ على نار متوسطة وتضرب
شاهدي الفيديو للتفاصيل 
يسكب الجريش وفوقه القدحة للوجة


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